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Santa Ana Townhomes III Manila
Project at a Glance
Project Location: 2873 Lamayan St., Sta. Ana, Manila
Turnover Date: Variable
Lot Sizes: 27 sqm. to 41 sqm
Price Range: Php 5.1 M to Php 6.5 M

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Santa Ana Townhomes III Philippines

Santa Ana Townhomes III By Trans-Phil

Manila is a historical and one of the oldest cities in the Philippines. It is also the country’s capital where interesting places abound. It is also home to Santa Ana Townhomes III, one of the newest residential development offerings of Trans-Phil Land Corporation (TLC), one of the country’s master property developers. This is also one of the company’s additions to the ever increasing projects currently undertaking by the developer.

Santa Ana Townhomes III is a house and lot offering comprising of only 19 units of 3-storey townhouses situated in 2873 Lamayan St., Santa Ana District, Manila. The low-density project has one of the most strategic locations as it is situated near the cities of Pasay, Makati, San Juan, Mandaluyong and Manila’s main thoroughfares, historical places, universities and other respected educational institutions, medical centers, shopping and entertainment centers and place of worships, among other place of interest.

Santa Ana Townhomes III typifies a serene sanctuary where the wide roads within the site’s perimeter are an absolute relief as cars tend to keep quiet when passing-by (no honking, no traffic). Its amenities are the best in the area and its adequate living spaces are a total relief from the city’s tight spaces. All in all, the project is expected to go far beyond its highly-valued craftsmanship only TLC could deliver.

Santa Ana Townhomes III is a townhouse development project by Trans Phil Land Corp. It is your ticket to living within Metro Manila at an affordable price. Oftentimes, when you think about buying a home in Metro Manila or other major metros, you would have to sacrifice price for that location. But thankfully, this new development by Trans Phil Land Corp. won’t have you sacrifice either because you can enjoy both the great location and the affordability of acquiring your own townhouse unit at Santa Ana Townhomes III.

Even though Santa Ana Townhomes III is located in Manila, it is tucked in a serene spot in Santa Ana. Therefore, you have the accessibility of the location without necessarily being at the heart of the chaos and traffic. The developer has formed an intimate and quiet community that provides homeowners with ample living spaces and convenience at an affordable price. You can therefore expect optimum value out of your investment.

Trans Phil Land Corp. is one of the oldest real estate development firms in the country. They specialize in townhouse communities located at prime spots, such as Metro Manila. Hence, you can rest assured that this development will meet your high standards and will satisfy your basic day-to-day needs. This company was established in 1973 as a general construction company. In over 40 years of experience, this company has satisfied and even excelled at offering quality homes to millions of Filipinos. In fact, it has delivered over 600 townhouse units and continues to build them to accommodate more Filipinos in search of a decent home. 

Santa Ana Townhomes III is a small community with only 19 units available. Therefore, the focus for the developers is more on quality. These townhouse units are all available with 3 storeys of living space. Since this is a low-density project, you can expect that the developers put in their best foot forward in making sure that your needs are satisfied. Aside from the high value craftsmanship, the quality amenities also add more value to your investment.

The townhouse units at Santa Ana Townhomes III are available from 27 square meters to 41 square meters in floor area. Meanwhile, the lot area range from 96 square meters to 107 square meters. With the townhouse unit, you can get 3 bedrooms, 3 toilet and bathroom, 3 floors of living spaces, and 1 parking slot. 

The starting price is PhP 5.1 million with the most expensive units sold at PhP 6.5 million. Given its strategic location, this price is quite reasonable. In fact, you can expect to pay more for condominium units within the area. And yet, buying your own unit at Santa Ana Townhomes III will provide you with a house and lot property. There is also a reservation of PhP 100,000 required for those who are interested buyers. This reservation fee is deductible from the downpayment fee. The reservation fee must be paid via cash or check only. The reservation is also good for 7 days only. 

There are several financing options available for those interested in investing a unit at Santa Ana Townhomes III. Bank loan financing is one of those options. You can get a maximum term of 15 years if you choose this method of financing. However, the legal fees and connections for water, electricity, and telephone are not yet included with the total package price. Those expenses are to be shouldered by the buyer once they are considered eligible for the purchase of the unit. 

Santa Ana Townhomes III is just one of the many new projects that is currently undertaken by Trans Phil Land Corporation. Hence, it is a testament to the company’s growth as one of the top real estate developers in the country. This community typifies the ideal community that Trans Phil Land Corporation has envisioned for its projects – to provide a serene sanctuary for the homeowners despite being in a central location. Therefore, these factors are part of the appeal of this development. It offers convenience due to its accessibility while also making sure that you can have a serene sanctuary you can call your home. 

Since this is a low density project with only a few units available, it is recommended that you take action now if you want to secure your own unit in this development. With its great location and a hefty list of amenities, you won’t be disappointed with your choice of investment. You can learn more about the location, along with the facilities and amenities you can take advantage of, below.

Trans-Phil Santa Ana Townhomes III in Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines is a premier Townhouse project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Santa Ana Townhomes III, then check here first. We have full details of Santa Ana Townhomes III updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

Santa Ana Townhomes III - LOCATION

Santa Ana Townhomes III Location

Santa Ana Townhomes III - AMENITIES

Santa Ana Townhomes III Amenities

Santa Ana Townhomes III - Price List

Santa Ana Townhomes III For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Unit 1 ₱ 6,590,000 41.28 sqm
Unit 2 ₱ 6,340,000 39.14 sqm
Unit 3 ₱ 5,960,000 36.23 sqm
Unit 4 ₱ 6,010,000 27.90 sqm
Unit 6 ₱ 5,600,000 35.71 sqm
Unit 8 ₱ 5,520,000 33.98 sqm
Unit 9 ₱ 5,100,000 31.10 sqm
Unit 10 ₱ 5,300,000 32.09 sqm
Unit 14 ₱ 5,170,000 27.92 sqm
Unit 15 ₱ 5,190,000 27.09 sqm
Unit 17 ₱ 5,400,000 33.00 sqm
Unit 18 ₱ 5,400,000 33.00 sqm
Unit 19 ₱ 5,400,000 33.00 sqm
Unit 20 ₱ 5,800,000 35.86 sqm

Why Invest In  Santa Ana Townhomes III

Ideal and safe location

Located right at the center of 4 cities (aside from its host) in close proximity with the project, Santa Ana Townhomes III is really an ideal place to watch your family grows and let business thrives. If you are employed, this is the better place to expand careers while living in serenity. Your mind and body can better think and move freely here. The ambience does not only lift the heart but it also uplifts the soul and spirit. The calmness is truly inspiring while you don’t worry about your family’s safety.

Functional facilities and amenities

The project boosts of functional amenities and facilities which includes kitchen system, telephone line, air conditioning, water heating, CCTV cameras in strategic places, intercom system, covered garage, access to Internet, parking, fire exits at strategic points, fire alarm system, emergency ladders, smoke detecting system and more.

Spacious units and floor areas

Investors (residents) are treated to a wide range of floor and lot areas to choose from. Lot area ranges from 27 to 41sqm while floor areas range from 89 to 120sqm of pure living space. Each unit has 3 levels of complete home spaces such as dining, living and kitchen. Additionally, there are provisions for covered carport, 2 toilet and bath, maid’s quarter and powder room for every unit. Each unit has also an isolation gate valve for waterline for maintenance, ESL lighting fixtures, 3-way switch in hallways and stairs and Pin light and other basic electrical fixtures. 

Manila has modern infrastructures

Investing in the Santa Ana Townhomes III is like investing in the city of Manila. As part of the locality, everything the capital offers is absorbed by its residents. As Manila have sustainable infrastructures and sound utilities making it one of the most active economies among the 17 cities in the metropolis, residents could find a safe haven for their business or careers.

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